2022.06.30 08:48

[NOTICE] Integrated battlefield opening and how to proceed with the event

Hello, we're ACEonline.
Thank you very much to our ACEonline members.
Finally, on July 5th (Tuesday), an integrated battlefield event server will be opened where fellow pilots from various servers in Korea, Japan, and Europe can meet on one server!
Since this is the first global event, there may be some operational inadequacies or things that you are not satisfied with.
There may be errors that have been tested as much as possible but have not been confirmed.
However, we will analyze the event data, receive feedback from users, and improve it so that it can be a continuous event in the future.
We will do our best to provide the best service.
I would like to thank you once again for waiting.
Please refer to the following for more information.
(1) How to connect
• Client download link:



• If you apply in advance after installing the client, you can access it with a pre-issued ID and temporary password.


• If you don't remember your ID and password, please access the link below.


(2) How to use the Integrated Battlefield Event Server
• The language on the integrated battlefield event server is available in English.
• The integrated battlefield event server will conduct a power battle with users from all over the world as the characters used by the existing server.
• For fairness based on the differences in items by country, only equipment items in the equipment and inventory were transferred at the first global event.
• Equipment items on this server will not disappear.
• Infitini field and arena content are not available on the integrated battlefield event server.
• The character name will be initialized when accessing the game.
• The base battle and the core occupation battle will be held randomly for 24 hours.
• Cash stores are not available.
• Only the following items are sold in all stores, including the Warpoint store:
   - CSP 50, SS800, Reinforced Search Eye (50), Ammunition Refill Box
• The event server does not have leadership.
• 100 million SPI will be paid on the first connection.
   - If you have a maximum SPI, you may not be paid.
• Depending on the speed of the Internet in Korea, Europe, and Japan, there may be some delays during the game.


(3) Day and time of the week before the bus race
• The mother ship competition is held twice a week, and the date and time are as follows.
   - 1st: Saturday at 8 p.m
   - 2nd: Sunday at 10 a.m


(4) a stronghold battle
• The base competition is randomly created and held for one day every day.


(5) Event Rewards

• Application period: July 21st to August 4
• After the event server is closed, the following Happy Hour will be applied to those who win the final power point score after the integrated battlefield event server is closed.

   [The power to win]
    - Tuesday: 20% increase in SPI acquisition
    - Wednesday: SPI store discounts increased by 20%
    - Thursday: 20% increase in WP acquisition
    - Friday: 20% increase in WP store discounts
    - Saturday: 50% increase in experience
    - Sunday: 50% increase in experience

• The following happy hour applies to the defeated power.

   [Losing power]
    - Monday: In-Chant success rate increased by 10%
    - Tuesday: 10% increase in SPI acquisition
    - Wednesday: SPI Store Discounts Increase by 10%
    - Thursday: 10% increase in WP acquisition
    - Friday: 10% increase in WP store discounts
    - Saturday: 25% increase in experience
    - Sunday: 25% increase in experience


(6) After the end of the integrated battlefield event
• After the integrated battlefield event, the copied characters will be deleted in batches, and in any case, transfer to this server will not be possible.
• All game content within the integrated battlefield will not affect this server at all.
• However, compensation will be paid to this server after the event.


(7) Other
• The integrated battlefield will continue to be held irregularly, and we will inform you of the event through a notice in advance.
• The information we informed you can be changed without prior notice.


Thank you for your interest and passion for ACEonline, and we will do our best to become ACEonline.

Thank you.