Hello, this is ACEonline.
Thank you so much for your interest in ACEonline
This is a guidance for how to contact with ACEOnline customer service.
- Go to ACEonline homepage (ar.masangsoft.com) → Click SUPPORT Button  or
  MasangSoft homepage (http://global.masangsoft.com/) → Click SUPPORT button and then 
  Click WRITE button → Choose  ACEONLINE (EUROPE) (https://global.masangsoft.com/SUPPORT_INQUIRY)
※ Please, write ①Your Server ②Account name ③Character name 
- Masangsoft Customer Service email address: globalcs@masangsoft.com
- Please, write ACEonline on title and write ①Your Server ②Account name ③Character name in the e-mail.
Please see the above information, I hope you do not have any inconvenience to play the Ace Online.
We will try to offer better services to our Aceonline users.
Thank you.

2017.02.09 12:52

Infiniti 1 Winners Guidance

From, Operations Team.
Dear, Ace Online

I will show you the winners of the Infiniti 1st place team as part of the last Daily Event.
For more information, please refer to the following.
CountryInfinity ModeInfinity Event 1st Place Team
CreAsia SanctuaryVWFre**Val**
Planet DestroyerDarkWid**NotLooki**kcklpp**punk**
Survival AbyssH1yo**_Eph1X**blun**
CreAsia Sanctuarymehmet42**Simu**ABLUKA**Farkedm**
Planet DestroyerABLUKA**Simu**Farkedm**kral**mehmet42**
Survival AbyssABLUKA**Farkedm**mehmet42**
CreAsia Sanctuaryn**R**Bc**Buldok**xsaurodin**Troub**
Planet DestroyerMgNe**
Survival AbyssN**Bc**R**n**Buldok**xsaurodin**
CreAsia Sanctuary
Planet Destroyer
Survival Abyss
CreAsia SanctuaryAbyssMorg**kazd**IWAN**Pietre**Akatsu**
Planet DestroyerJu**Smo**
Survival Abyssnone
CreAsia SanctuaryXMfOroch**DarkPoron**MiniAM**Tony**HuevoRo**xXHeathen**
Planet DestroyerHuevoRo**XMfOroch**DarkPoron**RónaldLopez**MiniAM**xXHeathen**
Survival AbyssSilverSh**
CreAsia Sanctuary_LegendRiva**_UKRAIN**Fral**giznn**_LegendiRiva**
Planet Destroyer_LegendRiva**_UKRAIN**_LegendiRiva**To**giznn**Fral**
Survival AbyssGashish**Kosh**

※ The second digit of the character name is marked *, and the event compensation payment is currently being processed sequentially.
"Congratulations on winning the Infiniti event.
We will make our best efforts to become Best ACE Online.
Thank you."

2017.02.07 10:19

About regular Inspection

Hi, The ACE Online.

We really appreciate you giving love for ACE Online,

February 8 , 2017 (Wednesday) , please check the relevant information regularly.


▣ regular inspection guidance

* Date: February 8 , 2017 (Wednesday)

* Check the time

- Turkey: 5:00 to 10:00 (5 hours)
- Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Poland: 3:00 to 8:00 (5 hours)
- UK: 2:00 to 7:00 (5 hours)

* Target: All countries

* Check the contents: Cache Store is closed for a while due to system error. Payment System.

※ Note : check time can be shortened or extended depending on the work in progress,

                Before the check carried out to the stable data store

                Please access the game ends.


we will always try to ACE Online.

Thank you

2017.01.24 11:00

not regular inspection. (January 25, 2017)

Hi, The ACE Online.

We really appreciate you for giving love to ACE Online,
January 25, 2017 (WED) 

regular inspection is not progress.

Please refer to this guide, We hope you no inconvenience about Ace Online play.

Ace Online is make to go along with users. always.

Thank you.

2017.01.23 06:20

[Guide] Ace Online user guide GM announcements

GOOD DAY. Ace Online Team.

After transfer to a Masang in the Game Forge software,
thank you for infinite love for Ace Online. Always.

The first group is recruiting about Masang GM 2 in progress.
Please refer that through the announcement for more information.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

1) GM-user application period: February 1 - May 31, 2017

2) recruitment: 2 people, : 1 Arlington , 1 BCU

3) Selection Procedure: Customer Service 1:1 inquiries and through a global cs-mail

                         Form :
                                 1. The user is motivated to take GM?
                                 2. if you try activity now?
                                 3. Ace Online is?
                                 4. Whether English is enabled?
                                 5. Your Character Name 
                                 6. SEVER

4) Release Date:  February 7, 2017

5) user roles GM activities: 
                                   1. Create game strategy report (Bulletin)
                                   2. The opinion put forward by the representative users
                                   3. Question / TIP Management Board
                                   4. SNS activity
                                   5. Bug reports, etc.

6) Activity period: 3 months (activity period: 02/08/2017 - 05/31/2017)

7) Why
    - Pay 1 months membership (monthly)
    - A Class 5000 Shield Kit, SP kit payments 100
    - The user pays GM Mark
    - One kinds of free support (new cache items)
    - The selection of the excellent monthly user activity during the GM deadline
    - Additional paid (each month) for selected users only event M Coin cache

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

Please refer to the guide information. Thank you for your support to the selected user Masang Soft GM 2 group

We will work harder to let rewarded with better service.

Thank you.

2017.01.17 10:00

Ace Online Special event!

Good day, ACE Online.

I wish you all the best of luck and peace in the new year.

In this year's 2017,

New Year events will be held for members,

For more information, please refer to the following.


<Event duration>

- From January 18, 2017 periodic inspection to February 8  regular inspection before

<Event contents>

one! Infiniti Competition Before!

- Period: January 19 - January 26, 2017

During the event, Infinity Field 3 Zone (Kreathan Holy Land, Planet Destroyer, Survival Abyss)

Clear the highest difficulty level per server~!

=> Rewards will be given to the first-class team for each field on the event check-out date.

     The first team will receive 10 speaker items, 100 Class A SP recovery kits, and three accurate sights of God.

- First place before Infiniti competition announced: Friday, February 8, 2017

two! Time gift & new, return event!

- If you play for more than 1 hour after the connection, you will receive a gift for the members who belong to the specified level.    The level sections are as follows.


For new users during the event period and users who do not have access to the game since October 19, 2016 ,    Rookie's gift box per account, will be paid the blessing of the ace returned.

Event three! Start the gear!

- Period: January 23 to 26, February 05 to 08

- A variety of reward items are awarded to gears that connect to the specified date and time during the event.

 <You will receive an additional variety of rewards after 1 hour of connection>

  More information about the compensation will be announced on the day of the event.

※ Precautions

- The item will not be paid at the time of connection other than the event progress time.


four events! Break through Burning Map!

- Period: January 26, 2017 to January 31, 2017

- During the event, various items will be provided to the users versus level of burning map.

five events! Happy Hour Event!

- Period: January 19, 2017 to February 9, 2017










Increased HP / Shield Recovery + 100%


SPI store discount rate + 30%


Increased SP recovery + 30%


Increased HP / Shield Recovery + 100%


Item acquisition amount + 100%


SP Recovery Rate + 30% / HP Recovery + 100%


100% EXP increased


Increased SP recovery + 30%


HP / Shield Recovery Rate + 100%


SP Recovery Rate + 30% / HP Recovery + 100%


Increased HP / Shield Recovery + 100%


Item acquisition amount + 100%


SPI store discount rate + 30%


SP Recovery Rate + 30% / HP Recovery + 100%


100% EXP increased


Increased SP recovery + 30%


Increased HP / Shield Recovery + 100%


Item acquisition amount + 100%


100% EXP increased


Increased HP / Shield Recovery + 100%


six events! This month's armor event!

 <Armor of the month>



Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm for ACE Online,

We will make our best efforts to become best ACE Online.

Thank you.